You're now free to cook your favorite restaurant and fast food dishes at home. Because food taste better at home. 

 Fast Food@Home 

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Let’s face facts, we know fast food may not be good for us, but sometimes it is too good to pass up. Now you don’t have to, because we can bring the drive thru lane to your kitchen. We will show you how to recreate some drive thru classics that are cost effective, and give you ideas on how to make them healthier and better for you.


We want to give you the roadmap to stay right at home, and still enjoy your favorite foods, when you want, hot and fresh. There seems to be more and more reasons to stop getting takeout these days. Whether it is finding healthier alternatives or watching the family budget, we all need to rethink some aspects of how we feed ourselves and our families. We are here to help, with ideas to share about the following fun approaches.

Restaurant Dishes@Home

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It seems like temptation is on every corner, or with food carts abounding, even in the center of the block. Then you have a ton of restaurants willing to cook you exactly what you want. But between fuel costs, time, and the cost of the meal, it becomes harder to justify hitting them as often. Some of their dishes can be made pretty easily, and much less expensively, so you can enjoy all the flavor with no box needed.



We're cooking and the camera's rolling. See the latest hacks, tips, and tricks for your favorite chain food restaurants to local hole-in-the-wall eateries. 

Our kitchen to yours

The short version, we like to eat! So, we learned how to make what we like. From Allen, semi-retired restaurateur and professional cook, to our barbecue meat smoking king Jacob, we bring a lot to your table. Cooking and meals are indeed a family affair for us, family includes best of friends and those important to each of us. We will also let these folks contribute with their own perspectives and ideas. We hear the term “it takes a village” for many things. Welcome to our village of food enthusiasts, pull up a log, sit down, and share stories about good food and how to make it.

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Insider Cooking 

We aren’t just blowing smoke, there are a lot of tricks, shortcuts and cheats that kitchen pros know. Now it is your turn. Get the techniques and processes that make buying takeout look so easy. Sometimes it is the equipment that you have to use, mostly it is knowing what things you can make happen quickly and how to do it.