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“If there is an easier way that gets the same or better results, we want to know about it"

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Who the Heck Are You?

The simplest way to say it is we like to eat. Because of that we learned how to make food we like, and we like a lot of different stuff. Our group takes the best of our eating and cooking escapades and shares them with you. Sure, that can make it a bit rando at times, but like food, that is the spice of life. We like dining out, and we really like knowing how those places make what we like so we can cheat and make it at home ourselves. Some may call it piracy or such, we call it practical. Plus, if you don’t need to drive for the food you can pop a top or pour some wine while you putter in the kitchen.

You also should know that we are kinda geeky sometimes. It is often said in the food biz that cooking is art and baking is science. There is absolutely truth there, but we do like to dig deeper and learn the science side of cooking, maybe some of the art of baking. Old school and contemporary processes, flavors and contrasts, textures and techniques; we want to know what really works and bring it to you. And our background really prepares us for this.

Family, Food, and Fun. Welcome to BeyondEdible.com.

About Us


Head Chef

Allen’s is the voice you will hear the most, and he comes by his cooking acumen honestly. From watching the cooking shows of the sixties as a youngling with his mom, to creating all the recipes for the menus in restaurants he owned, cooking has been a central part of life. With his family as well. From an older brother who was a credentialed Sommelier and the guy you saw cooking tableside, to his sister whose lifelong goal is to make a great orange chicken and crispy duck, they’re all into it and you may hear from them as well.

Jacob Cordero

Pitmaster aspirer/ Testing Lead

Jacob is really our geek in charge. Another family man, he is an aficionado of all things barbecue. And we primarily mean the real thing, low slow and smokey, barbecue that is as American grown as any cook style you can choose. Don’t misunderstand, he knows his way around an outdoor grill and the world of high temp fire flame and sizzle as well. And gadgets. He likes his toys for playing around in the kitchen (who doesn’t?!) and has done thorough testing to know which ones work best.

We want to give you the roadmap to stay right at home, and still enjoy your favorite foods, when you want, hot and fresh. There seems to be more and more reasons to stop getting takeout these days. Whether it is finding healthier alternatives or watching the family budget, we all need to rethink some aspects of how we feed ourselves and our families. We are here to help, with ideas to share about the following fun approaches.

About the Author

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My wandering interests from croissants and laminating dough to smoking briskets to sous vide duck confit, it was all on the table to learn.

This is the combinations of experience that drives BeyondEdible.com. Tastier, healthier, and cheaper ways to get fun food on your table with tips to make it easy, even if you are beginning your cooking journey. After the decades I still love French toast, or a good burger, and sharing that with other folks is both fun and humbling.

So raise a glass, break some bread, and enjoy!

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