Quiche Featured Image

Making Quiche

Back in the eighties the phrase of derision was “Real men don’t eat quiche”. To which we respond “no, we cook for everyone else!” Quiche is a cheese custard pie

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Scotch Eggs Featured image

American Style Scotch Eggs

A Scotch egg you say? So Laddy, does it speak oddly, wear a kilt? Oh no, even better it’s all of breakfast in one handful. A cooked egg, wrapped in

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Recipe for pea salad

Pea Salad

Pea Salad is your easy show off recipe that holds up really well and almost everyone will love! Whether you are tapped for a potluck, or just cooking at home,

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Crunchwrap from taco bell

Taco Bell Crunchwrap

Here we take a quick look at the Taco Bell story and move into how to make the coveted Taco Bell Cruchwrap Taco. First, a little Taco Bell history In

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fries in airfryer

Best Fries in an Air Fyer

Okay, we get it, people seriously disagree about what a “great fry” is. Listen up, we’ll tell you what it is. That sounds too strong, almost threatening I’ve been told,

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Making a Charcuterie Board Cheese Plate Featured image

Making a Charcuterie Cheese Plate Board

When it comes to throwing a party for close friends or semi-fancy get-togethers, you can’t lose by putting together the ultimate snack tray. In this case, we’re going to tell

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close up done 2 Featured image

Bacon in the Oven

My favorite way to cook bacon is an iron skillet over an open fire while camping. But for practicality, nothing beats the simplicity of baking bacon in an oven. Sure,

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taco meat featured image

Tasty Taco Meat

There are a lot of choices for what to fill a taco with. We want to spend some time on the classic ground beef taco meat. Taco Tuesday was the

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sports bar chicken wings

Sportsbar Chicken Wings

Chicken wings are the top ordered item on the menu at sports bars. Nothing says finger food like a menu item that you’re forced to eat with your fingers. Nobody

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Chicken with crispy couscous in lettuce cups Featured image

Chicken with Crispy Couscous in Lettuce Cups

This is a fun dish, fairly quick, and sure to convince anyone who may doubt that couscous is an excellent add to a good meal. Based somewhat on middle eastern

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