Zoupa Toscano Olive Garden Featured Image

Zuppa Toscana Copycat – Olive Garden

Olive Garden’s Zoupa Toscano is a hearty Italian soup that packs a flavorful punch. With a blend of vegetables like potatoes, kale or spinach, and onion, and flavorful seasonings combined

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Scotch Eggs Featured image

American Style Scotch Eggs

A Scotch egg you say? So Laddy, does it speak oddly, wear a kilt? Oh no, even better it’s all of breakfast in one handful. A cooked egg, wrapped in

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Chicken Cakes Featured image

Making the Best Chicken Cakes

Making chicken cakes is a simple and tasty way to repurpose left over chicken. Rotisserie chickens are a great way to get a decently cooked products and enjoy it with

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Carne Asada Quesadilla Featured image

Carne Asada Quesadilla

A life changing phrase uttered at the right time can make such a difference. As a longtime fan of quesadillas – what’s not to like, right? – hearing the phrase

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Making a Charcuterie Board Cheese Plate Featured image

Making a Charcuterie Cheese Plate Board

When it comes to throwing a party for close friends or semi-fancy get-togethers, you can’t lose by putting together the ultimate snack tray. In this case, we’re going to tell

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food truck style burrito

Food Truck Burrito

Making the iconic food truck burrito at home. Rated as a 2 out of 5 for difficulty, once you’ve got your taco meat made, you’ll be enjoying this hearty lunch

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mcdonalds cheeseburger

McDonald’s Cheeseburger

Loving It There’s something about a basic cheeseburger that just tastes comfortable for anyone raised here for the last decades. This isn’t your overloaded, albeit tasty, version of massive burgers

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Chilled Grilled Chicken Sandwich featured image

Restaurant Grilled Chicken Sandwich

This recipe gets us dipping our toe into the idea of prepping in the commercial restaurant. A well designed menu can have 15 items that work off a core product

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sports bar chicken wings

Sportsbar Chicken Wings

Chicken wings are the top ordered item on the menu at sports bars. Nothing says finger food like a menu item that you’re forced to eat with your fingers. Nobody

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Asian Pork Burger Featured image

Asian Pork Burger

A look at making the Asian pork burger similar to what you’d expect out of a traditional diner burger. Just in case you thought the humble burger was not versatile

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